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Every wedding and every client is different. Its very important to me therefore that the assistance provided matches the circumstances. An initial phone call or skype chat will highlight what kind of help you need. Then a consultation is a must have to ensure I fully understand the stage you are at and what is most important to you.

You are paying for the creative ideas around styling, atmosphere and flow plus a professional approach to your event that will effect not just the day but your planning and budget. I aim to save you time, money and stress so the whole process is enjoyable and creates a fab Wedding celebration, unique to you.


No matter what level of planning you are at or how many times you have have to change your plan, let me hear you.

One chat can make your whole planning process not just simpler but easier and more cost effective. I promise.

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After a brief chat about where you are in planning, a meeting either face to face or via Skype will be organised, to suit your schedule. This two or three hour meeting will allow time to discuss every element and not only how they all piece together but why you made each decision and therefore how important it is. This is incredibly helpful as it may be the only time you can envisage it all together and have chance to step back and analyze the event. Taking the time to picture the styling and atmosphere being created by your ideas will have a huge influence on your steps going forward.

Some clients only need this as then their plans become clearer and the flow apparent. Otherwise this meeting highlights areas of concern or elements you may wish us to handle on your behalf.

I can also share with you my ‘Super Wedding Planning Spreadsheet’ which has tabs to help collate all the info including guest meals (helpful for catering teams), accommodation booked, budget and decor plan. Got to love a great spreadsheet, right?!

Fee: £80 per 2-3hr meeting (plus travel if required)

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While you create your lists and tick off tasks, I am a constant sounding board and development friend. As the event management gets more intense or difficulties arise, I will be on hand to offer ideas or advice or both. The level of help will be deciphered during the initial consultation.

You may want to hand over elements you don’t wish to do or are struggling to find the time to complete. Its like having a constant Wedding PA or counsellor to direct queries at or quiz.

Even the most organised people need support!

Fee: £40 per hour (Amount per month decided after Consultation but average is 1hr/mnth)

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I offer a wedding day coordination service for couples who have planned their wedding independently but would like an expert to manage the day itself and / or provide support in the weeks before.

This can also include managing the days leading up to the big day if you hope to plan a weekend celebration involving group activities such as excursions, walks, picnics or rehearsal dinners.

After a consultation and a month before the special day, I will contact the suppliers involved to ensure the same schedule is being adhered to and all queries have been answered.

On the day I will manage the time keeping, trouble shooting, guest communications, supplier roles and any type of query or concern so you can concentrate on catching up with family and friends and taking it all in. This ensures no guest has to take the reins for you, they too can enjoy the celebration. You can even have a cheeky drink (or four!)!

Fee: From £650 (For Pre-event Supplier Communications & 10-14hrs Event Management.)

Additionally, you could have:

Set Up Assistance – Help with not only the beautiful finishing touches but final run through’s, meeting those involved and ironing out last minute worries.

Staff Management – If you need catering or bar staff hiring and managing, I can take on this element and coordinate the team.

Six Week Liberation – If the planning is consuming you, hand over the reins and allow the build up to be enjoyable. I can take your lead and ensure tasks are finished off and all communications are handled.

(Prices depend on time required, complexity of event & tasks given)


Planners can only get involved so far with your official ceremony so click HERE to find out

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