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Before we begin, have you thought about what you need from a Consultant or why you feel the need to step this way?

Ask yourself…

  • Do I still have passion for my business?

  • Has this role ever been ‘successful’?

  • Do you know your competitors?

  • Are you skilled in your field?

  • What need are you fulfilling?

No Consultant can wave a magic wand and create a super profitable and enjoyable business. It takes passion, umph and hard work. It is a process that delves into your ‘why’s’ and what your barriers are. It should unearth who, how and what you are after.

I can bring levels of counselling, coaching and support. I can provide guidance on marketing, structuring and stratgey to boost your business. I can link you to the best local businesses that can fill gaps in either of our skillsets and experience. I cannot do it all for you, sorry!

Since 2010 you can imagine the amount of businesses I have worked with… plenty! I also ran a networking group for North Cumbria for eight years which meant I crossed paths with a plethora of great people. Because of this I have learnt a lot about good business practice. I also have experience and education in marketing, PR and Project Management. The main tool in my belt though is creativity. Being from a family of creatives, I like to look from a different angle and test and refigure the ‘norm’.

If you are starting a new business in the wedding industry or your existing business needs a boost, get in touch.

We can look at the elements you have in place so far and the opportunities still waiting. We can assess the options and ponder who your ideal client actually is.

Having an outsider with knowledge check over your brilliant concept can have a dramatic effect on your outcomes.

What does this all look like?


– FREE – Brief chat to discuss whether this sort of help is actually what you need and why.


£40 – Online consultation to delve into who you are, what you do, what you want to do, why you want to do that and how you currently do it. Then we start creating a plan, a task list and some ideas to get cracking on with as soon as possible.


£160 – A four hour window to look into everything including the elements below and then creating a plan for you to follow:

– Your business and the story behind it,

– All competitors and the alternative avenues,

– Client profiling and marketing concepts,

– Online presence and branding,

– Your weakness and strengths,

– Goals and ambitions.


£340 – A day to run through the items in the workshop plus actually start ticking things off!

Social media edits, website assessment, content calendar, new contact conversation starters, sales training, template set ups.


Due to having worked for years in events, now and then I get roped into helping with community projects and networking meetings. I’m easily persuaded because I love making events great and for a wonderful purpose!

Are you involved with a street party, fun festival or super fundraiser?

Do you need some guidance on making it work, managing a budget or styling the event?

Are you concerned about the timings or flow?

Have you got gaps in your marketing strategy or is the branding not working?

Why not get in touch and see if having a sounding board or event professional point of view at your next meeting could help?

Get in touch to discuss the options and how some assistance can result in clever decision making and efficient use of time and money.