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We are not a Venue – Do you own a property suitable for wedding ceremonies and / or celebrations but don’t have the resources, time or experience to create and promote the service?

We are a New Venue – Are you a new wedding venue and require some guidance on setting up and getting enquiries?

We are an Existing Venue – Are you already established and require assistance developing your current offering?

This service is designed to offer advise and guidance to those who are either starting in the industry, revising their situation or witnessing a dip in bookings. Assistance can come in the form of a consultation to assess the current situation, full management, process and document creation to on the day coordination.

Weddings are time consuming and often a stressful job as they involve high emotions, high expectations and large amounts of money. Managing the queries and the various people involved with each can become a worry and can alter the enjoyment of the process for everyone. On the other hand, being involved with such a joyous and memorable event can be extremely rewarding! The look on a Bride’s face when she starts down the aisle, the grin on the dear Granny or the laughter from the Dad’s speech….

Do you need any assistance?

It can take a lot for a business to seek help although I feel its the most professional route to take. We all have things we are great at and it cant be everything. We cant be expected to know hows everything works and learn all the lessons so sometimes reaching out can boost a business higher than ever expected.

I am a qualified, experienced, professional wedding planner with a background in marketing, customer service and public events.  For almost ten years I have not only helped clients and councils but various venues across the Cumbria.  I offer help and support to all types and sizes of wedding venues whether its an extra pair of hands to liaise with potential clients or a friendly face to manage the existing client base. It can even be someone to run weddings on your behalf, a Consultant Wedding Manager.

Whether advising venues on lasting improvements and putting those solutions in place or maximising the return on time, money and existing assets, I will work with you to find the best route to success. I can offer a range of services, which can be tailored specifically to suit your exact requirements and offer a free initial phone consultation to gain an understanding about the business and requirements before proceeding.

“Annabel was the Weddings co-ordinator at Kirklinton Hall and really put us on the map. She has huge enthusiasm, attention to detail and a real understanding that every wedding is a special occasion to be uniquely tailored to the happy couple. No matter how demanding or obscure, she can turn your dreams into reality.”





Initial Consultation

This is a meeting to share thoughts and explore the potential opportunity in some detail. This could be all that is needed to decide on whether this is the route for you or not.

Fee = £80 plus travel


If the opportunity is deemed worthy of further exploration, I will inspect the venue in more detail and create a report from which to start the next steps. This will include a S.W.O.T analysis, marketing guide, relevant external feedback, investment / development suggestions and financial breakdown.

Fee = £200


If you wish to take the management of enquiries in-house, I can train you for each part of the client journey. Would you benefit from knowing the right questions to ask in your first contact, how to manage emails effectively and professionally and how to attract the clientele suitable and worthy of your venue? Perhaps you would like to feel more confident about the ‘show round’s’ or processes in place to correctly book in couples? As venue owners you may wish to take the entire process on board internally therefore I can teach you about the event process and knowledge on what will be required.

Fee = From £650


This level of assistance will be clear after the Assessment. Every venue will have differing amounts of preparation, time and skill required to set up and then coordinate an event. I can take over any tasks that you feel uncomfortable doing or not skilled in or you might simply not have the time available. Think of this as taking on your own Wedding Manager, the face of that side of the business, to run the events at a high standard and with a close eye on the details. Once signed up as a Weddings by Annabel Exclusive Venue, we will take commission on each booking taking.

Fee = starting at 25% plus a potential admin fee per month


–          Dedication to investigate the potential,

–          Allowing access for Weddings by Annabel to assess the venue honestly including facilities, any accommodation and potential event spaces,

–          Detailing any areas of concern or future development plans.


–          Creation of the wedding packages and correct forms for the booking process, including terms & conditions,

–          Organising temporary event notices and licences needed for events,

–          Responding to enquiries from couples, undertaking the initial client meetings including all viewings and going through the booking process for the proposed event,

–          Providing a single point of contact for clients and suppliers for the lead up to and during the event,

–          Managing contact with all suppliers to collate details including delivery, set up and break down times,

–          Creation and distribution of supplier agreements including insurances and certification,

–          Ensuring payments are made to the venue by the couples in a timely manner,

–          Management for the setup, duration and breakdown of the event, if required,

–          Communication with venue owners at monthly catch up meetings, including submitting details of all suppliers, running order, layouts and other information pertaining to the events,

–          Sharing of feedback and future improvements to help on investment return and ongoing revenue.




Dependant on the type of venue being advised, additional assistance can be provided to ensure a professional marketing campaign coincides with new improvements.

1.      Work alongside existing marketing professional to share package details and target clientele profiles.

2.      Marketing of the venue in order to attract couples including but not limited to:

a.       Creating a brand and logo for the venue.

b.      Creating a visually attractive website dedicated to the venue to encourage visits.

c.       Carrying out social media and setting up a Facebook page to encourage enquiries.

d.      Designing and organizing any paid for newspaper or magazine advertising.

e.       Attending wedding fairs and designing the marketing materials around this.

f.        Writing engaging press releases to send to local newspapers about the venue.


Potential Revenue

Every venue has the potential to charge for hire, though it will be relevant to the quality, size and facilities included. Before contacting me, think about what you are willing to share and what you expect from each event, financially and personally. Also consider how many events you would like to host. This could be two a year to twenty two. Using my knowledge of existing venues and budgets of those looking in your area, we will create realistic profit figures.